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Tue 27th Sep 2022 10:27

Could someone please help with the latest episode of Mark Steel's in Town - Paris, for some reason it's unavailable outside the UK, I would be very grateful.


Thu 15th Sep 2022 22:47

Brilliant, thanks HarryspeakUp! And hello again to Liam and other old-timers. Brokenviolin, and Simon himself still humouring us after so long. Using Sendspace again brought it all back :-)

When I get some time next week I'll run a dirlist app on my comedy folders and upload - hopefully I've picked-up some oddments which can contribute to the OHG treasure store.


Thu 15th Sep 2022 14:18

Welcome back Deviant!

I remember you from those old days! I tend not to post much these days, mainly because I don't have much that's not already easily accessible, my computer stopped recording in 2019 (just after I'd finished copying an audiobook from tape to mp3, nice timing!), and I have found probably most of the things I was looking for originally so I don't serve much purpose on here now.

I've started listening to OHG again, been listening to a disc a day, started series 2 last night, great stuff.


Thu 15th Sep 2022 09:11

Deviant, welcome back on board! Enoy that retirement...

Peter Ustinov: The Grand Prix of Gibraltar
+++ sendspace.com/file/7ffgjn


Wed 14th Sep 2022 17:20

Hi all - I was active on OHG long ago, but haven't called in for ages. Lovely to see some regulars like HarrySpeakup are still here, maybe you remember ol' Deviant?

Anyhow, onto the ask. When all other sources fail, the OHG board are the oracle for obscure vintage comedy. What I'm after is a recording made by Peter Ustinov in the 70's, titled "The Grand Prix of Gibraltar". From what I've read it's a wicked spoof of the BBC's plummy English commentator style.

If anyone has this I'm eternally grateful. And pleased to say that I've recently retired so hope to become more active again.


Mon 12th Sep 2022 18:10

Oh no. A new security word and I have only just got used to the old one. Why, oh why, can't things stay the same? [I would insert a smiley here but it does not seem that I can]


Sun 11th Sep 2022 17:49

I've decided that this week will see me listen once again to OHG, I've been too long without hearing it.


Sun 11th Sep 2022 16:43

A new security word!
The last one was changed in August 2014, makes me feel old.


Thu 8th Sep 2022 22:04

Don't think they are targeting the site which is open. Believe they are trying to get folks to open link. Could be ransomeware or a bot to get personal data.


Thu 8th Sep 2022 17:52

Plato, I agree, I wonder why/how they targetted us? Perhaps it is time for Simon to change the "hi-tech security word" to upset their spam database?


Thu 8th Sep 2022 11:38

Monty Python and their love of Spam indeed, by the way my real name is Sir Spamalot, oh well... What an odd site to target though.

Piper Prell

Thu 8th Sep 2022 00:28

Two days ago I received a message that I need to pick up my prize. But I lost the email with the data to access the site. How do I restore access? >>> http://alturl.com/ogb4u


Tue 6th Sep 2022 09:26

Mark Steels in Town S12 e1-3 - longer versions
+++ sendspace.com/file/ngu0c1


Sun 4th Sep 2022 15:56

I wasn't going to, don't worry. I know a spam link when I see one, the poster saying nothing specific like that is a dead giveaway. It appears to have been dealt with now anyway.


Fri 2nd Sep 2022 18:45

Yes sir Spam it is. Don't click the link.


Fri 2nd Sep 2022 14:53

I do believe we've had some spam get through on here.

Lily Boxer

Fri 2nd Sep 2022 06:11

I registered on the website... deleted #spam


Wed 31st Aug 2022 09:14

Mark Steel is the guest on the latest Geoff Norcott podcast:
+++ player.fm/series/what-most-people-think-with-geoff-norcott/ep-161-mark-steel


Tue 30th Aug 2022 17:02

I see the Sounds versions of the Mark Steel shows are longer than the Radio 4 broadcast editions for series 12. I'm happy to share all the longer ones, in MP3 format, once the series has completed...


Tue 30th Aug 2022 11:25

All is ok now - Mark Steele has put in a belated appearance!


Tue 30th Aug 2022 09:56

Hi all. Did anyone record Mark Steele in Tring - it looks as though the BBC are not making it available on Sounds?