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Fri 20th Jan 2023 12:14

Browsing thru I.A. it seems Ned in boots is gone, if you're reading this thanks for all the work and time helping all us audio junkies with great uploads, hope all is well


Tue 10th Jan 2023 10:46

I did a more thorough check of Sicken And So Die, comparing the two versions of the first episode, and it was a straight cut with no overdubs, as there was one little sound effect missing, but as that was the sound of a champagne cork popping, and the first line in both versions was Frances asking "are we celebrating?" it's hardly of any consequence.


Thu 5th Jan 2023 20:56

Thank you HarrySpeakup X


Thu 5th Jan 2023 12:57

Conversations From A Long Marriage - S3:
+++ sendspace.com/file/v75pyf


Thu 5th Jan 2023 12:09

Hi. Does any one have season 3 of Conversations from a Long Marriage? Thanks in advance X


Mon 2nd Jan 2023 00:01

Have just seen that thirteen episodes of J Kingston Platt are available via 4-ble for those who, like me, have found it hard to find them online. Must admit I found them a little tedious when first broadcast and only began to appreciate them in recent years.


Sun 1st Jan 2023 15:00

Wishing you and your family a joyous and prosperous New Year.