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Thu 23rd Nov 2023 12:55

Happy Thanksgiving to all members and their families. My God protect you and fill your life with bounty. Dick


Wed 22nd Nov 2023 01:07


Consider going for a solid state drive.
They are getting to be pretty cheap.


Mon 20th Nov 2023 14:09

Whilst looking for a Lenny Henry tv show, I found three BBC Radio docs about Lenny Bruce I didn't have, so... (R3 1997, R2 2006 & R4 2016)
+++ sendspace.com/file/ez12mv


Mon 30th Oct 2023 18:53

Many thanks Harry.
If I remember right, Series 1&2 of WFA was broadcast first on 4Extra as the extended versions before being edited down to 30 mins for the Radio 4 repeats. Series 3 appeared first on Radio 4 before being repeated on 4Extra, but all at 30 minutes. I'm not sure we'll be getting extended versions, which is a pity.


Mon 30th Oct 2023 08:40

Whats Funny About s3:
+++ sendspace.com/file/hd7srn

These are the 29 min editions, still waiting to see if they will release 1hr versions after the series airs, as they did with s1 & s2...